Kanturk Golf Club Captains Addresses

Mens Captain

This years Kanturk Mens Club Captain is Patsy Pigott. See below his address to the club.


Dear Members

It’s been a tough first 6 months of 2020 for Golfers. January till March we had persistent rain and since then we’ve had Covid 19.

Fortunately we were able to get playing social golf obeying Covid rules from May 18th.


But fortunately every cloud has a silver lining and we have over 80 new members. I would personally like to welcome all these new members and wish them a good golfing year. We are fortunate to have Diarmaid Frazer golf professional giving lessons at the club for the coming months.


From next Monday 29th June we will be able to start club competitions. There will be changes in the way you register your score, you will get instructions on these changes.

Monday & Tuesday timesheet will be for 4 balls & the rest of the week will be 3 balls except Sunday evening after 3.30pm it will be 4 balls for social golf & families.


Going forward we hope to have a singles competition on Monday & Tuesday and another competition on Thursday & Friday and a separate one on Saturday & Sunday. Thank you to all our great sponsors who are very much appreciated.


Best of luck with the rest of the golfing season, obey the rules, stay safe & most of all enjoy your Golf.


Your Captain Patsy Pigott

Ladies Captain

This years Kanturk Ladies Club Captain is Deirdre . See below her updated address to the club.


Lady Captain’s Day, August 29,2020


Dear Lady Members,

I would like to say a big thank you to all of you who played on my day,  and to all  who helped make it a success. The sun shone for us on the day, but the poor weather over the preceding days made for challenging conditions. I was most anxious to adhere to government guidelines, to keep all our members safe, and to ensure that Kanturk Golf Club did not have to deal with any COVID-19 related issues. As a result, the day was far from normal, but I think we are all accepting that this will be life as we know it, for some time to come.


There  is no denying that the ground underfoot was heavy and the course was very wet on some holes. I made a decision to hold the event as one could not guarantee that the weather would change for the better. With several other majors  on the calendar so soon after my day, I thought this was the best course of action. With regard to the tee  markers and the pin placements….. I did ask for the tee markers to be placed at the stone, however I specifically requested that the pin placements be in easy positions. I heard from many of you that this was not the case. I can only apologize for this. I checked with Finbarr subsequently to ensure he had understood my request. He had, and felt they were in reasonable positions! 


I received so many thoughtful gifts and kind words from so many of you. Thank you- it means a lot under the circumstances. A few gifts got separated from from their cards and a few cards had no signature. So if you don’t hear from me, this is why!


Congratulations to all the winners! Prizes were distributed on Sunday afternoon in a strange , stilted format. This was a disappointing experience for all concerned, but the ILGU directive was for no formal presentations and the number  permitted to be present was severely limited.


Our abbreviated golf season is rapidly coming to a close. Unfortunately the virus isn’t going away any time soon. We may be fortunate enough to have a better September and October to continue playing golf. Being permitted to play our game of golf has added a huge level of normality to our days, that many do not enjoy. We need to continue to follow good habits both in the locker room/ toilets and on the course.


May you all continue to stay safe , healthy and golfing.



                                                             Your Lady Captain,