Rates 2021

  • Full Membership: €650
  • New Member: €400
  • Juvenile: €100 (€130 in Competition)
  • Cadet: €50
  • Distance Member (Over 100 Miles): €375
  • Member converting to full membership from the 18-24 category: €450.
  • Between ages 18-24: €230
  • Family Membership – Based on 2 parents and 2 children; Each extra child €50 extra: €1,200
  • Family Membership – Based on 1 Parent and 1 Child: Each extra child €50 extra: €700

Membership is now open and there is currently no joining fee. Kanturk Golf Club extends a warm welcome to new members of all abilities and the application process is both quick and simple. We have numerous payment options including monthly direct debits.

For 2022 we offer a deal to those who have not been a member of the club previously to join for €400. Note this deal is not open to people who has been a member of Kanturk Golf Club previously.

Click the download button for our Membership Application Form Below.

As your membership application needs to be reviewed, please do not make any payment until your membership has been approved. 

If you have any queries, please contact our Denis on 0858700935 or email info@kanturkgolf.com