• For GOTY/COTY this year we are running a competition where it takes a person’s 10 best cards of the year and then take the top 30 from that list and they will play in the grand final.
  • Winners of all competitions also into the final (If not already qualified through the top 30).
  • Top 10 Champion’s (over 65’s) (Again same criteria as top 30, 10 best cards combined).
  • Final counting competition September 18th Vice Captains Prize.
  • Qualifying criteria, you must have 10 counting competitions played by the 19th of September.

So the way the final would work is a stableford competition;


  • Top 5 will start with 5pts
  • Places 6-10 will have 3pts
  • Places 10-20 will have 2pts
  • Places 20-30 will have 1pt                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             COTY 
  • #1 5pts #2 4pts #3 3pts #4 2pts #5 1pt
  • Other qualifiers would have zero.                                                                                                             

GOTY €150 One 4 all Voucher Duhallow Physiotherapy Clinic and GOTY Trophy.

COTY €100 One 4 all Voucher Duhallow Physiotherapy Clinic.

*GOTY = Golfer Of The Year  *COTY = Champion Of The Year Over 65

*In the event of a tie in any category the winner will be the player who accumulated the most points in the regular season