Thanks to all that played and supported the fundraiser. Congratulations to the prizewinners:

Overall Winner €400 – Jerry Lane (Seller Pa O’Brien)

Overall 2nd €200 – Don O’Mahony (Seller Colm Keating)

Overall 3rd €100  – Ger O’Sullivan (Seller Ger O’Sullivan)

Winner of the Masters €100 – Richard O’Neill (Seller Mike Sheehy)

Winner of the U.S.Open €100  – Tim O’Shea (Seller Bart Lane)

Winner of the The Open €100 – Jerry Lane (Seller Pa O’Brien)

Winner of the P.G.A. Championship €100 – Cornie Vaughan (Seller Brendan Martin)


Full Final Fundraiser Results After US PGA 2018



Pick 1 player from each group – total of 5 players

Players will be awarded points for their results in the four majors of 2017

Major winner received 25 points, 2nd receives 19 points, third 18, fourth 17 etc

This continues until 20th place and ties who receive 1 point each

In case of ties prior to 20th the points are added and divided equally i.e. if there is a two way tie for second they both receive 18.5 (19+18/2). Next player then gets 16 for fourth

Players outside of top 20 & ties but who made cut receive zero points

Players who do not start get zero points

Players who miss cut or withdraw (for any reason) receive -2 points

Players from outside of the list will also count in the scoring calculation i.e. Padraig Harrington wins the open, he is not on our list but he will take the 25 points so the highest scoring possibility for this is 19 points provided the second player is on the list. This works all the way down the scoring formulae.


The winner will be the person who’s five players accumulate most points throughout the four majors

In the event of ties the prizes will be added and divided equally  i.e. if there is a two way tie for second they both receive 200 (250+150/2). Next player then gets 100 for fourth

Leaderboard will be published on Kanturk Golf Clubs website

Your responsibility

If you have bought a ticket please check that your team is correct and your score is also correct. This was a manual process so while every effort was made to get every team right errors can happen.

If your team is incorrect please contact one of the people below as every completed sheet has been filed and can be checked. Please do this before the US Open starts on 15th June 2017.

Team Committees decision is final


1st Prize €500

2nd Prize €250

3rd Prize €150

4th Prize €100


Fundraising committee

John Duggan      087 9585365

Ben O’Dea           087 2801908

Jimmy Murphy  087 6679507